E-Learning for New Muslims

Leer Islam Audiolecturas espanol

Islam is testimony of faith and ACTION. Now that you’re a Muslim, you have to take the steps to learn about this faith. Our site introduces you to basics of Islam, we even have local halaqas (circles of knowledge) and other Islamic Instructional programs available.

We highly encourage you to go through the New Muslim e-learning site and A Guide for the New Muslim by Sheikh Jamal Zarabozo CD series:

CD 1- The Purpose and Goals of the Series

CD 2- The Basic sources of Islam: Quran, Sunnah & Hadith

CD 3- The Universality of Islam and Its Timelessness

CD 4- Testimony of Faith; Islamic Law and Fiqh

CD 5- Special Rewards for the Convert / Issue of Faith and Marriage from Pre-Muslim Days

CD 6- Islamic Creed and The Article of Faith

CD 7- The Ritual Acts & The Five Pillars of Islam

CD 8- The Character, Morals & Relations of The Muslim

CD 9- A Muslims Social Interaction Towards a Spouse

CD 10-A Muslims Social Behavior with Neighbors and Non-Muslims

CD 11-The Social Behavior with the Society as a Muslim

CD 12-Motivating and Increasing Ones Faith

Sheikh Jamal Zarabozo is a well known scholar and long time convert to Islam. He is internationally renowned as a speaker and author of a number of books.

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