Q:.What does PIEDAD stand for?

A: P.I.E.D.A.D. pronounced “pe-ye-dad”, is an acronym for “Propagacion Islamica para la  Educacion deAla el Divino. Linguistically Piedad means: taqwa or having faith and compassion. At the heart of our mission, we call our brothers and sisters in humanity to Allah.

Q: Is PIEDAD a co-ed organization?

A: No, PIEDAD is a women led organization with a main body of women representatives. However, we collaborate with our brothers in Islam, scholars, religious leaders, fathers, husbands, and daiees fisabillilah.

Q: Is PIEDAD exclusive to Latina Muslim Women or to Latinos?

A: Praise be to Allah. We are inclusive of people of all races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. As Muslims, we do not make any distinction on these outward characteristics. It is not the practice of the Muslims to do so. Anything else is contrary to Islam.  Our focus on the Latino Community and Latino Revert populace is primarily for dawah, since we are for the most part of a Latina heritage.


Q: Can I join PIEDAD?

A: Yes, we have an open membership. If you are a Muslimah convert, all we ask is that you are sincerely striving to live Islam. This is not a social club. We do have fun times and social gatherings, however, that is balanced with hard work for the sake of Allah.

Q: What are PIEDAD membership responsibilities?

A: Basically, members will be assigned duties based on a combination of a few things – Islamic knowledge, experience in dawah, online or on-site availability, geographic location, bilingualism, good akhlaq (character), adhab (manners), ikhlaas (intention) and motivation to help self and others. Adherence to the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed (saw) takes precedence to any other qualification.

Q: How many Chapters of Piedad are there?

A:  Our National Office is in NJ,  but have had many “chapters” across the United States, Florida, Chicago in the past. We always network with other Latino Muslim organizations, and individuals!

Q: Do I have to join Piedad if I want to give dawah to Latinas?

A: The answer is no. Our take on that is simply: the jammah (community) is better than individual or scattered sites works. A collective voice, and specialization in our respective fields and experiences will make us stronger. YOU CAN BRING THIS TO PIEDAD!

Q: What madhab/legal school of Islam does Piedad follow?

A: The majority of Piedad sisters have reverted to Islam. As an organization we do not advocate one legal school over another. We respect that there are differences of opinions among the ulema and fuqaha (scholars and jurists) of Islam. In doing so, we stick to the basics in our dawah and earnestly try to promote a well-balanced Islam. We are in constant contact with new Muslimahs, student researchers, media and those searching for the truth in Islam. We will try our best to, insha’Allah, present Islam according to the Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed (saw), and the learned scholars of both past and present.

Q: Does PIEDAD affiliate with other Islamic organizations?

A: PIEDAD leardership is a member of the Shura council of LLAMO (League of Latino Muslims Organizations). We are also active participants in our local masajids, and communities. Our aim is to collaborate, to share information, and provide effective strategies to better our community.

Q: Does Piedad affiliate with non Islamic Organizations?

A: Yes, we collaborate with social, civil and humanitarian organizations. The scope of our mission statement is “community services”.  As Muslims, we too must contribute to the well-being of our society, and be active participants in the greater community composed of Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Q: Is PIEDAD affiliated with any masajids?

A: We encourage that all PIEDAD members be active participants at the masjid level. The masjid is Baitul Allah – The House of Allah, and it is the life and pulse of the Muslim community.

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