Outreach & Education

  1. Join us at our next Islamic Information and Awareness table at community events, festivals, flea markets, and just about anywhere outdoors!
    poster (2)
    Englarge Flyer Image – Sign up by completing form or email piedadnj@gmail.com

    We encourage sisters nationwide to do the same. As a PIEDAD team player we will help you with a start up kit in your local area! And yes, in case you’re wondering, these are also popularly known as “dawah” tables – giving dawah and “inviting to Islam”.

  2. Dawah Training – Workshops on PiedadDawah1how to give dawah.  Experienced with over 20 yrs of collectively. Our goal in the dawah workshop is to review the basics of our faith, comparative religions 101, current events in our midst, and frequently asked questions / FAQ’s. We will also study the host of Islamic literature we distribute, the established protocol of support networks to those who request a follow-up and/or embrace Islam, and the “how-to mentor”. We will break these workshops up into a few over the year, inshaa’Allah. (Keep checking back for schedule to follow!)

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